Part 1

on January 23, 1991 Michael was born; in a small town in Venezuela, which was a baby at the time, his parents were humble, rather they were campensinos who procreated this male child. Joseph is called Michael’s biological father and anne his mother, Michael’s father’s love story is as follows; Joseph and anne met on a comunidad farm where they were inhabitants, because they fell in love when they first met, love was born in the two of them immediately but it was at 6 months; that Michael’s father decides to steal his mother, because they did, Michael’s maternal grandparents, they were very concerned that their 14-year-old daughter had run away from the house, along with Joseph the Pope of Michael.

Anne’s parents when they saw that she did not appear anywhere, much less went to sleep, because that is when the great concern begins, because he didn’t know where this girl was and they decided to call the police to help him find his beloved daughter. but they discovered that Anne had left the house to live with a man ( Joseph ), whom Anne loved very much at the time and who in her platonic thoughts, he imagined a fairy tale with Joseph; Of course Joseph was a good boy, with good feelings although his character is a little strong, but in that breastplate where he was hiding; a man who loved from the heart, for his good heart is so much that it would be something like: an angel on earth.

Anne is the complete opposite of Joseph; for she is a naughty and very flirtatious girl, she is a woman of a very strong and complicated character, she is: capricious, nymphomaniac, reckless, violent, and with a very hard heart. Well, anne only thinks of her without caring about others, although she is a very beautiful woman, but she is like a rose with thorns.

Anne and Joseph after 2 years of being together, brought Michael into the world, at 3 years later they had another male child ( york ), then 5 years after Michael’s birth they brought a beautiful girl ( Josephine ) into the world, by that time they were a family of 5 members. Michael was a very happy boy with his parents together and with his brothers, because in his little head he thought that the family that God had given him was a divine gift.

Michael was very happy because he felt the great love that emanated his home, this boy loves the happiness that he had in his family at that time, but life was changing Michael; when he began to discover the dark actions of his mother, who with his actions broke his little heart and for Michael, his mother was something sacred but upon discovering what his mother really was: because he suffered a lot, so much that he was traumatized by so many disappointing things that were committed by his mother.

Michael had changed his life and was growing with a trauma that he had not yet been able to overcome, because it was a hard blow that marked his life forever, since one of the things that Michael discovered in his mother was: that he was unfaithful to his father and that he did it many times, also discovered that his mother was someone manipulative and with a heart of stone; Those are things that marked Michael.

2 years later Michael and his family moved to a town called: La Guaira where they were relapsed for a time, as the days passed, Joseph discovered the infidelity of his beloved wife ( anne ) and it was so hard to learn of such a thing that he was so disappointed in women, who decided to separate from Anne and never wanted to form a home again.

but Joseph was not the only one who suffered; for Michael was the greatest affected by the separation and by all that he had discovered from his mother, besides, the separation from his parents traumotized him even more, now Michael, at the time his parents separated, was barely 7 years old and therefore painfully; his mother gave them to Joseph definitively to take responsibility for his two Varone children, Michael and York.

joseph disappointed; he takes his two children to live with him, to a place called anti-mano where they lived for a few months and then returned to their homeland; the Azulita where Joseph went; father and mother of his two male children, since the girl stayed with her mother. Joseph gave him everything his children needed, including education.

Michael, along with his brother York, silently mourned the absence of his mother; for Michael and his brother missed their home, where they were a happy family, because as Michael overcame the pain of not having his mother, but the trauma he had; his personality was changing him, although his feelings were not, he was still the noble and good-hearted boy.

Michael turned his personality; to a rebellious personality and of a strong character, I also believe in him, a breastplate where he did not reveal his own way of being, nor did he like to show his noble heart and there were moments when he cried at night in silence so that no one knew that there were things that still hurt his heart, He wanted to show the world a personality very different from his true essence, he was ashamed, that people knew that he was a sensitive person with very noble feelings.

Michael was one of those people; that they did not show their true feelings to anyone. it’s like if he had encrypted his heart so that no one would ever hurt him again, as he thought, but it was a silly idea, because there will always be times where they will hurt our hearts… Regardless of who we are, we are not special in this incomprehensible life, but everything is a learning that we must take into account.

Part 2

Michael learned to live life very differently from ordinary children; because he was a child somewhat socially closed, that is, he hardly shared with the people around him, for him, society was largely hypocritical and that did not please him. for he was afraid of trusting too much people who could hurt him because of some treason, because the fear of being betrayed is: a trauma that he had to overcome, in order to be happy…

because the trauma caused by his mother and other people with his acts of evil, changed the life of that child who was once happy, for the problem of his trauma to Michael; an unhappy person. also he realized that his father’s favorite son was his brother and his mother always preferred his sister, that is; for Joseph the spoiled son was york and Josephine his mother’s spoiled daughter … that affected Michael sentimentally because even though his father loved him, but not as much as his other brother and mother or say; for perhaps he had a very little affection for Michael but the reality is, that Michael was the black sheep.

Michael was a child who cried because he really needed love from mother and father, since his parents did not give him that love that Michael so longed for, his father had moments where he treated him badly and Michael knew that it was the shame of his parents, because everything Michael did was wrong for them and for other people, what they did not know: was that Michael had a noble heart and that with his harsh treatment they hurt Michael, but this boy cried silently where no one could see his pain, nor her tears.

He did not want anyone to discover that his heart was bloody hurt by lack of love and more understanding parents, Michael always looked for a way to be loved but rarely managed to conquer hearts in his life, the truth is that Michael was someone who very rarely received affection, even though not as much as he wanted it.

the years passed until Michael turned 8, at that time Michael studied in a public rural school where he lived many things that served as an experience for his entire life, Michael was very loved by his teacher Paula; the teacher whom Michael saw as a mother, who did not have at those moments in his life, it is sad but Michael was a boy who took refuge in the love of his teacher, because Michael went to school, even to the days; where there was no food in his house, for him it was important to go to school, first; because he really liked studying and learning, second; for being next to his teacher, since he was a person who made him feel good. Michael loved his teacher Paula very much.

Michael at school lived many moments of good memories, but he did not like it, when Christmas came, because the baby Jesus did not come to give him his gift, because since his mother forgot about him for many years and his father was never born in his heart to give something to his brother, maybe it would be because they were under resources.

the truth is that Michael cried with sadness because Saint Nicholas brought gifts to all the children in school, except him, or his brother, Well, this left him sad, very sad. Michael in his childish mind thought that Saint Nicholas and the children Jesus did not love him or his brother. but one day his teachers like they noticed the child’s nostalgia and decided at Christmas to give him and his brother a gift, because they were the 2 children who never received gifts … as a gift they gave each one a puzzle, and because that child felt great happiness, as he had not felt for a long time.

Michael the first thing he did when he got home, with his gift was; play with his brother and then they started putting the puzzle together; little by little they discovered piece by piece until one day, they managed to put together the puzzles, incredibly it was the only and best gift they had given him in his childhood, for this developed his intellect, and of course he never received a gift again, for that day they were in luck.

Michael was someone very special to his Paula teacher, the first one he took into account; for everything it was Michael. it may be that Paula felt the need to give him that mother’s love that his student needed very much, because Michael saw that his classmates, like they were jealous of him, for her teacher’s preference for Michael.

the children did not know that the teacher did it because she was a protector of her two students, who had no mother to see for them.

Michael was engraved in his heart and in his memories that dear teacher; to whom he thanks him very much for everything and sends his blessing, because Michael wants his beloved teacher to do very well in life, because he deserves it for being a great woman and that it is obvious that he is an excellent mother, the one he always wanted, but did not have due to life circumstances. he was not lucky enough to have a great mom, that she loved him and was in all the important moments of her life.

Well, her mother never thought how important she was to all her children, but due to immaturity she made too many mistakes that in time she would pay dearly, but anyway, we are imperfect beings and we always make mistakes, which will lead us to even greater problems where the greatest affected would be those; who love us so much… because they are people who believe in us regardless of whether we are poor or rich, but there are us who do not know how to value what is so great that all these people give us and that is what Anne happened to her.

Part 3

Michael was a great student with a very good educational score, since his average was 19-20 bone, he was a very intelligent child. the problems of his first love; It started when he turned 13, because he had fallen in love with a girl from school, but that relationship he had with her only brought him problems; because neither the teachers nor the girl’s parents accepted that love.

that girl’s mother discovered love letters; where Michael declared his deepest love for the young lady with whom he was in love, then the mother went to school to denounce Michael with the teachers, who made him sign an \”misbehavior act\”, that is; that Michael’s love unfairly, for them it was an act of misconduct and not love, the truth is that it is a real stupidity, because they demonized the love of two young people, who really loved each other. but the filthy and wicked mind of that young lady’s mother, only did that out of evil.

Michael was sad that he could not be next to the young teenager, with whom he fell in love, because it was a forbidden love. it was so much the problems that happened, that in the end everything ended to be completed, since Michael and the young lady gave up their beautiful love, even though it was very hard for both of them, in the end Michael forgot her… Michael devoted himself to studying very hard so as not to think about his love any more.

the rural comunidad where Michael lived with his relatives, was a place with several people with evil in their hearts, because they felt very ugly things against Michael, such as; envy, rancor and hatred, as it was a small number of people in society, resentful of Michael without any justifiable motivation. it was something dark that were born in those people, because Michael was not to his liking, because Michael’s way of being was what they really did not like … since Michael was; rebellious, homey, quiet and also very little socialized with people from that place, but Michael was a good person, lover of justice and truth, and they were simply banishing him for not being a boy together, because there were a few who had their vices and hate that an educated person is different, since the human world; hates black sheep strongly, for behaving differently than the rest of the pack, it is a phenomenon someone, unique and original who does not follow the rules of the system and society.

the evil of the people of that place was so great; just out of hatred for Michael, they sent him dark entities and bad energies, because they did that through black magic, which made certain effects on Michael’s life, example; Michael wanted to undertake anything and was not given, Michael wanted to progress and could not, that is to say, all his ways were closed … because those negative energies left Michael very tired and in a bad mood, because they made life impossible for the young teenager.

but Michael is a spiritual warrior and he struggles not to be overcome, by the evil of the dark people in his comunidad… There were moments when he thought and reflected on how hard life was for him, because he wondered; father ( God ) to whom you have sent me, to this world. because he felt that if his life was so complicated, surely he had a life mission, which he had to fulfill.

then Michael began to search for the truth of things, because something in his heart told him; that there was something he didn’t know, but had to look for, to find out what it was about. for it was something he felt in his soul, it was as if something or someone told him that he was someone special, for the creator father. He was looking for information everywhere, even on the digital network, but the more he knew, the more he wanted to know, but the thing was clear; that the world hid many things, that the common people for the most part did not know and that he was willing to discover what it was about.

well Michael; he is someone in process when he awakens spiritually, which at first did not understand certain things, but he discovers more and more and gives meaning to his puzzle. anyway, Michael a great boy with many things against him. Michael is someone who has always defended his loved ones and more when he sees than other people, they behave in a bad way and unfairly … because since childhood he has defended his brother; that other children or people did not hit him or do something unfairly, he even fought like a hero, to make himself respected and not to touch the brother.

Michael learned to defend himself against everything and everyone, in order to survive in this jungle that they call society, the things that happened to him in his life, led him not to leave anyone, because he says; it is one thing to be good and another to be stupid … and it is true; Just because you are a great person does not mean that you have to be humiliated by others, for there is no point in thinking that you must be an object; for others to discharge their human resentments on you, that already goes beyond what can be allowed, by a person who is really in his five senses… And well, Michael learned that life was for strong people, who are willing to overcome all obstacles, that will be presented to them in their lives.

Since the obstacles were only for people with a warrior soul, because not everyone has inner strength to overcome any things that were presented to them along the way, that’s why there are so many things that happen to a person like this young boy, because apparently he was born marked as a warrior, whose mission is to overcome any things that prevent him from being happy.


Nelly a teenager who came to live in the comunidad where Michael lived, as she was a 13-year-old girl, who started studying at the same school as Michael; This girl said she was feeling something special for Michael, from the first time she saw him, she felt that \”beautiful feeling for Michael\” but she could not find how to declare his \”love\”, because she was a little shy and then she decides to write him a love letter, and then send it with her younger sister, who was also in love with Michael, but his feeling fell for not making his sister feel bad.

Michael one day after he left class and was heading home, he hears someone calling him, I look back and see that beautiful woman, she was nelly’s sister, who was looking for him to deliver what his sister had sent to Michael… Michael receives the letter; but he observes in the face of Stephanie, who was with watery eyes and her sadness was noticeable and Michael did not explain why?. then he asks: Stephanie what do you have? ¡I see you wrong! but she denied everything and said; that he was fine, that he had nothing, with a tone of voice of annoyance. Michael did not really explain what was happening to this girl, but forget everything that happened to this girl and continue on her way home, because she wanted to get home, to read the letter and know what it was about.

when he gets home he opens the envelope and reads the content; he realizes Nelly’s supposed \”love\” for him, this puzzled him, he couldn’t believe it, that such a chocolate was in love with him, and well that day, he had a thoughtful time, regarding this news of love. He makes the decision to ask the next day in person… the next day, this girl confirms what Michael read in that envelope; and Michael believed it was a bad joke, she replies, that it was no joke, that was true. Michael was speechless and decides to accept the proposal of courtship that Nelly was asking him. from there they come out as boyfriends, who also kissed each other that day… happiness did not fit Michael’s chest, as he was the boyfriend of the most beautiful woman in that comunidad, with a great body, who looked like a model.

Michael from that moment, when he and she got engaged in a relationship of courtship, gave him his whole heart, because he thought; who was the girl of his dreams, Michael discovers something in her, over the months, he discovers many things that he did not know and because little by little he was disappointed in Nelly … since he discovered; that Nelly just wanted to be his girlfriend to use it, in a revenge, that Nelly had against Eddie Michael’s ex-girlfriend… Michael felt used by Nelly and that bothered him a lot, but he fell silent and did not claim anything.

when Nelly already fulfilled her objectives, because she began to change a lot with Michael, because she no longer wanted to be with him, because everything he did bothered her, There were even mummies where she made him feel sorry for people, because Michael was very in love with her and endured many things, just for love, and that was becoming an obsession, which I didn’t know how to end. Michael wanted to forget her to stop suffering, for that toxic love. Nelly said very offensive things to him that hurt Michael’s heart. For example, he said: that he was very ugly, that he was very fat, that he did not want to be with him anymore, that he was a fool with whom he did not want to be anymore. Michael, when Nelly talks to him like that, with those horrible words, he felt sad, with low self-esteem, for the cruelty with which Nelly spoke to him, Michael cried a lot for Nelly’s heartbreak … but he learned the injury and knew that not everyone was born to love and be loved.

Michael one day wanted to kiss her, but she did not want to and ignored him whenever he wanted to talk to her, Michael felt bad, because the woman he loved, I treated him like trash, Michael lived on an ordeal, for the love of the wrong person. One day Michael wanted to get close to her, but this girl left him talking to himself, Well, Michael was already foolish, begging love for an ungrateful woman, who did not deserve but not a bit of that beautiful feeling, that he did feel for her.

Michael continued with his loving masochism, he was stuck in a harmful love, which did not let him meet other girls, because in addition to being a masochist, he was extremely faithful to the woman who bloodied his heart, since it already seemed that Michael had bewitched him, because that was no longer normal for his obsessive love, a relative said to Michael; Forget about that woman, boy! This relationship brought back bad memories to Michael of his past, that revives him even more the traumas … but Michael was getting even more committed every day, for truly conquering Nelly’s heart, the love she felt, gave her strength to persevere in conquering the woman she loved very much, Michael had never loved like that in such a profound way.

but all that love died and even more so when one day Nelly left an envelope at her house where she said to her; that ended because he did not love him and would never love him, Michael reading those written words, felt deeply hurt and disappointed, because he has never been able to find the woman of his life, with whom to make a life and a home in the future. Michael lasted several days of sadness but when he returned to class, he saw Nelly with another boy and Michael felt a lot of pain, more than jealousy, because he felt really used; but that was the last thing Michael had to live, to forget about Nelly forever, but of course that was a 6-month process, so he could definitely forget her.


after Michael’s bad experience with Nelly. months later; that Nelly and Michael will end their relationship, she met Fatima; a 17 year old girl, Well, he’s a year older than Michael. well this girl started dating Michael, as friends and boy were they friends, because when they had several months of friendship, Fatima and Michael were so confident, with each other, that they even told the most intimate secrets they both had, Michael and Fatima became so deeply close that one, he could not be without the other, because one afternoon for Michael without the presence of fatigue: it was a simple and boring sunset for him.

the neighbors began to comment on incoherent and even offensive things, this situation reached the point that people exceeded the limit, now the gossip began, with many falsehoods they spoke ill of Michael and Fatima, because she had a reputation for being a \”witch\” according to; the poorly spoken neighbors. has she did not care what people were saying, but Michael did affect him, because he did not like that people will talk things, that they are not true.

what people said about Fatima: they said that she was a \”witch\” and that she had done witchcraft to Michael to make him fall in love, it was also said that she did dark jobs to her enemies oh people who did not like her … of course, Michael did not like that very much, So much so that she was already afraid of fatigue, because she was believing that what people said about her was true, of course that is possibly true or not, it was something Michael had to investigate.

the days passed and well Michael forgot to be thinking about witches and trusted Fatima again, but not blindly as in the beginning, he was with other previous girls, that they did enough wrong to her, well Fatima observed that Michael was a little strange with her and asked her; that if she believed, that she was a witch and then Michael temerosamte, she could not answer him.

in the end, her fear did not let him respond and she logically with Michael’s attitude, imagined that if she believed in that and more when she, he liked to wear black and guessed intimate things that Michael never told anyone, only Michael and no one else should know, that was something Michael questioned about her … it’s like you have your secrets, that only you should know and that someone else tells you as you know. it’s something to make your hair stand on end and that was what was happening with Michael, who was very scared to know, that Fatima guessed everything, even the things that Michael did and the ones he didn’t do.

one day Michael spoke to a classmate. about what people were talking about Fatima and Michael did not know how Fatima knew it as is, because the other girl was someone, that he does not speak to anyone, that it was not his trust and Fatima was not his trust or friends, nothing to do … also Fatima said it in an exactly way, As Michael and his classmate spoke, the expression in which he said it, left Michael perplexed, causing him to run away, from the place where he was with Fatima, well they were in a school and it was night. she was an adult teacher and he went to her every afternoon, after she finished teaching, they stayed talking until very late at night and even accompanied her to her house.

but already with those comments Michael; they were afraid to accompany her to her house, because she believed that entities from beyond could scare him. well hard several months without accompanying Fatima to her house, I just went to the school where she worked as a teacher, then they talk for a while and he went home later because he didn’t want to be in the dark streets where the Fatima house was, that’s why Michael preferred to go home to sleep.

the next day in the afternoon, they returned to the daily routine, she taught the adults and after she finished her work, he stayed until very late talking about different topics, until the day came when they both started to feel more special things, which flatly changes their friendship, They were two friends extremely in love, but both felt ashamed to express their love, because they feared that one would reject the other. for Michael loved her very much and she also Michael, but it was all an impossible love story. because they could never make a love relationship between the two, all for pain of not saying things, face to face and also because a supposed \”friend\” got between the two, because that young man did not give him the love letters, that Michael wrote to Fatima and what he did was throw them away … if that traitor was also in love with her, but she was not with him.

that bothered that false friend a lot and then sabotaged Michael’s relationship with Fatima, but Michael did not know in time, because fatima got tired of waiting for Michael and out of spite he got so drunk that he lost track of it, this led him to do something crazy, she slept with her ex boyfriend getting pregnant with him, Michael didn’t know, but when 7 months passed she knew it because her pregnancy was already noticeable and Michael also looked at her crying in the corner of the school, didn’t she know why? but someone told him the whole truth, that destroyed his heart and claimed fatima; that because he hadn’t told her about his pregnancy and that he had slept with another man, because Michael was very upset and disappointed so much, that all radically changed between the two.

2 months after her baby was born, she was a beautiful girl, Michael went to the house of fatima to see her daughter and then returned home, days later Michael and Fatima speak to each other by text message, via telephone, but what did not know fatigue; was that until then her story would come with Michael … because she, for teasing Michael, he says things that bothered him a lot, example; He told her that she already had a boyfriend and that he was a policeman. that made Michael very jealous and annoyed, Michael ended all ties with her, because her acts of ridicule bothered him, It also bothered him that people were commenting that the girl was his daughter, even the entire fatima family believed that Michael: he was the girl’s Pope and Michael told everyone that he was not the father of that creature, this happened until they gave him a girl’s DNA test, with the fatima ex-boyfriend, since fatima was honest with her parents clarifying that Michael was not the father of her daughter, but if her ex-boyfriend, said man denied paternity with the daughter between him and her, but the DNA test was positive… and it was logical because between Michael and Fatima there was never physical or sexual contact, since when everything happened, Michael forgot about fatigue forever and did not know more about it.


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